Tarot Cards Readings

The fact that we question the Tarot as to whether it be a method or a doctrine shows the limitation of our ‘three dimensional mind’, which is unable to rise above the world of form and contra-positions or to free itself from thesis and antithesis! Yes, the Tarot contains and expresses any doctrine to be found in our consciousness, and in this sense it has definiteness. It represents Nature in all the richness of its infinite possibilities, and there is in it as in Nature, not one but all potential meanings. And these meanings are fluent and ever-changing, so the Tarot cannot be specifically this or that, for it ever moves and yet is ever the same .

Tarot Readings explain that tarot makes it possible to mediate between humanity and the godhead, or between god/spirit/consciousness and profane human existence.

Psychic Read:

1.Tarot Cartds meet up Read : 80 CAD ~ 90min

2. Read On Internet 50 CAD 90 min on Skype & Zoom Video. 

Yoga Classes & Personal Healing

  1. Traditionial Ashtanga Power Yoga for all levels 20 CAD per person ~ 90min ( small class with 5 spots ) 
  2. Kundalini Yoga Chakras / Crystal Healing one to one 100 CAD ~ 90min (includes herb medicine)
  3.  nline Skype & Zoom video private 50 Cad Ashtanga. 60 Cad Kundalini . Group class 20 cad per person

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