Kundalini Yoga

The object of Pranayama ( Yoga Breathing ) is to arouse Kundalini , the divine cosmis force in our bodies . Kundalini is symbolized as a coiled and sleeping serpent ( The Dragon in Chinese Culture ) lying dormant in the lowest nerve central at the base of the spinal column , the Muladhara Chakra.This latent energy has to be aroused and made to go up the spinal column piercing the chakras up to the Sahasrara ( the thousand-petalled lotus in the head , the network of nerves in the brain )and there to unite with the Superme Soul 《 Light On Yoga 》BKS IYENGAR

瑜伽呼吸控制的目的是唤醒昆达里尼,我们体内的神圣宇宙能量 ( 元神 )昆达里尼像一条蜷曲着沉睡的蛇 ( 中国文化里的龙)它潜伏在人体的尾椎部,即脊根轮人体最低部神经中心处。这种潜在能量必须被激起,并通过脊柱上行,穿越气轮到达大脑(头部的千瓣莲花,大脑的神经网络)在那里与圣灵相合 ❤ 《 瑜伽之光 》 BKS IYENGAR

The sixth Charkra : Anjana . Seed Sound : OM
The two lotus petals are symbolic for the functioning of the mind ( mamas ) in two worlds of reality , the manifest and unmanifest , but also the pineal and pituitary and for Ida And Pingala , which unite at this point .
Ajna Chakra : When Mind looks at the Supreme Intelligence it stands in awe of its splendor and its power . The comparison of millions of Suns and Moons is insufficient to describe their brilliance .
Even the galaxies of stars and Suns and Moons can only reflect the light that comes from the source of all light .
The power that has created the eye can see . The power that created the mind is beyond mind . Shiva /Shakti is neither Male nor Female ( nor neuter ) but existence , Consciousness , bliss Sat cit ananda .